Someone asked me why do I love her replied…… Generously and smilingly that …


I love you because of your humbleness ,

I love your behaviour of nimbleness ,

When I read Your name anywhere I feel prickling ,

When I See you my eyes become lighting twinkle ,

When I Chat with you all my sorrows become winkle ,

When I am in deep crinkle ,

Also in great depression ,

And in the deepest difficulty ,

At that time when i had become a mad ,

And going to cause a causality ,

You are always there for me With your inkling suggestion

You forced me to get back to right path

You told me to forget all the things

And begin-begin a new start.

You taught me that there is never too late

And don’t let another you To-let ,

Tell me One reason ! Why shouldn’t i love you ,

Is this not enough for you thatswhy I Love You .

Tried First time to write a Poem in another language from my native language you suggestions are indeed .

Ramkinkar das Tripathi

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