Just wait for that Moment!!

First Conditions of love is that you love yourself.

Don’t feel bad. Just do your own things. Do that work which you love.It is truth and you must have to understand this that people will definitely search better options than you and why shouldn’t they have to do that? and of course they will really try hard, by making new friends, then changing their so called friendship into so called relationships and definitely you will find them happy with them for few moments but that is also true that at last when they will be able to understand that it’s truth that no one can replace your selfless love towards them and no one is better than you. They will simply return to you. just wait for that moment and enjoy your life with cheers and happiness. Don’t let others to break you in tears they simply don’t deserve it.

– Ramkinkar das Tripathi

I have written what I felt in my life Comment down your thoughts about your life.



Someone asked me why do I love her replied…… Generously and smilingly that …


I love you because of your humbleness ,

I love your behaviour of nimbleness ,

When I read Your name anywhere I feel prickling ,

When I See you my eyes become lighting twinkle ,

When I Chat with you all my sorrows become winkle ,

When I am in deep crinkle ,

Also in great depression ,

And in the deepest difficulty ,

At that time when i had become a mad ,

And going to cause a causality ,

You are always there for me With your inkling suggestion

You forced me to get back to right path

You told me to forget all the things

And begin-begin a new start.

You taught me that there is never too late

And don’t let another you To-let ,

Tell me One reason ! Why shouldn’t i love you ,

Is this not enough for you thatswhy I Love You .

Tried First time to write a Poem in another language from my native language you suggestions are indeed .

Ramkinkar das Tripathi

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